One of the questions I get asked about my unique aromatherapy jewelry is, “What is it made out of ? ” It doesn’t look like the rest of aromatherapy jewelry out there.

Thank goodness for that! I have never been a fan of “cookie cutter” things. The process in creating my pieces is unique and my aromatherapy jewelry is unparalleled.

I don’t use any prefabricated aromatherapy disks or lockets. No prefabricated stamps or designs are used in my pieces. Every piece is created with my hands and heart, completely.

Inspiration comes from all over…my own journey, Mother Nature herself, spiritual exploration, symbolism and the textures and shapes that surround me.


You will never find me mindlessly “pumping out pieces”, because it’s important to me that each piece be filled with its essential purpose of supporting YOU and your journey.

Thus, my connection with the essential meanings of each piece, and honoring the wisdom behind my inspirations is why I choose to create limited quantities of each piece.

Now, that’s the metaphysical part of Rock Mama Metals’ aromatherapy jewelry. Next up,  the actual, physical materials…and a little more extraphysical.

Rock Mama Metals Aromatherapy Jewelry

Being able to turn my inspirations into physical form is supersensory. Metal clay, micaceous clay and healing gemstones are my chosen mediums. I use a self created, multi-step process in making the aromatherapy charms and pieces, using both metal clay and micaceous clay. I then place the pieces in a kiln and fire them at temperatures over 1500 F for several hours.

Once the kiln cools off, one of my favorite magical moments happens. Every time I pull freshly fired pieces out of the kiln, I get excited. I think about the person I created each piece for and the intentions it holds, as the polishing wheel reveals its true radiance. It feels like a gift to me, and I love that part.

The final assembly of all the elements of my aromatherapy jewelry is just as important, and completes the package.

So there you have it. That’s what Rock Mama Metals’ aromatherapy jewelry is made of.

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