Aro-mask-therapy Charm Kit


Enjoy breathing easier.

Heighten you mood.

Benefit from the purest essential oils’ anti-viral properties.



Express yourself from behind your mask and get the benefits of pure essential oils with one of my handmade aromatherapy mask charm kits. These essential oils have been selected because of their purity, power and specific properties that facilitate easier breathing, uplift your spirit and offer you antiviral defense. Each charm is individually handmade, by me, with love.  Apply the essential oil to the back of your charm and pin it to your mask anywhere you wish to start receiving the benefits. Choose from the essential oils listed below.


Breathe a sigh of relief as you take in this uplifting and fruity aroma. Release tensions while you receive the benefits of grapefruit’s air germicide and antiviral properties.



Breathe in a minty, cool breath of calming refreshment and quickly reduce anxiety,  while receiving peppermint’s antiviral and respiratory benefits.


Green Lemon

Take in the instantly uplifting and fresh scent of green lemon while you breathe easy and enjoy antiviral and infectious disease defenses. 


’Mexican’ Lime

Inhale the sweet and revitalizing scent of ‘Mexican’ lime and boost your mood while you allow its antiviral and antibacterial properties to go to work for you.

Additional information

Charm Design

Heart, Zia, Mountain, Lotus Flower, Custom Design

Essential Oils

Peppermint, Grapefruit, Green Lemon, 'Mexican' Lime


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