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Learn to lovingly accept yourself, trust your intuition and clear yourself of unnecessary baggage with this beautiful, pure essential oil trio. The essential oils of Geranium, Cedarwood ‘Atlas’, and Blue Spruce work together beautifully to help you nurture yourself throughout.

This carefully curated aromatherapy kit contains three 1 ml bottles of pure medicinal essential oils, sourced by WOTE, with a convenient carrying case and instruction booklet. Use one drop of each oil on the back of your aromatherapy piece for their combined benefit, or choose one at a time. These essences are safely used on the skin as well, to combat many physical issues. Each bottle is labeled with the spiritual, emotional and physical benefits of the individual essence. This kit includes: 1ml Geranium, 1ml Cedarwood ‘Atlas’, 1ml Blue Spruce in a lovely zippered pouch (colors vary, please see pictures) Pair with one of my essential oil/aromatherapy necklaces for the ultimate experience. Each essential oil’s properties are listed below.

Geranium Spirit & Emotion:Promotes love, calm, uplifting. Physical:Male and Female hormonal balance, anti-bacterial, wounds, adrenal support.

Cedarwood Spirit & Emotion:Grounding, uplifting, self awareness. Physical:Acne, congestion, aphrodisiac, anti-itch, hair loss

Blue Spruce Spirit & Emotion:Grounding, calm nerves, 5th Chakra, meditation, energy lift. Physical:Asthma, acne, immune aid, anti-bacterial.



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