About Rock Mama Metals and Kim

As an accomplished metal clay artist and teacher, jewelry designer, horticulturist and certified aromatherapist with a sturdy intuition, I am happy to introduce myself and my offerings to you.

Rock Mama Metals is my labor of love that began over 10 years ago. It has grown as I have grown. It has changed as I have changed. And, through it all,  it has continued to be my passion to serve you through my vision for Rock Mama Metals.

My goal has always been to help you nourish and care for yourself by offering handmade jewelry created with love and intention that you can feel. When I discovered the wonderful world of medicinal aromatherapy, my passion for jewelry and pure essential oils combined into one. I am so passionate and believe so strongly in what I am offering, that I exclusively create aromatherapy jewelry and offer only WOTE essential oils. Thank you for visiting and I hope that I get a chance to serve you. Learn more about the essential oils I offer below.


About the Amazing Essential Oils I Offer

Allow me to introduce you to Wisdom of the Earth Essential Oils. These are the purest, most powerful, and highest vibration oils that I have ever come across. That is the reason I use them myself and offer them to you. They are truly medicinal grade essential oils that are wild-crafted or bio-dynamically farmed, (a “step up” from organic) by dedicated farmers all over the world.

WOTE (Wisdom of the Earth) essential oils are single ingredient essences. That means that nothing has been added or taken away. These are exactly as the plant offers them. In fact WOTE is considered a 2nd level raw materials importer by the powers that be.

With over 260 single, medicinal-grade essences, there is nothing that can’t be addressed physically, emotionally and spiritually. They have changed my life in so many ways, for the better, As a small example, I have addressed my own hypothyroidism and perimenopause issues with great success. WOTE essences are the medicines I use in my household.

If you want to explore these amazing essences further and wish to start addressing the issues in your life, please call on me to help guide you. I am a certified aromatherapist that possesses great knowledge and experience in the plant world, a sturdy intuition and heart centered in service.