You know that life is a journey, and you want to experience it with intention.

You have every desire to continue towards your best life. And the better able you are to stay tuned into yourself and grounded, the easier it is to keep the plundering calls of the outside world from pulling you off track. You arrived here with love and support, and you will move forward with nothing less.

Several years ago,  my eyes and my heart were opened to the fact that there is so much more to life than just the daily grind and “moving up in the world”. We are asked, in so many ways, to strive for desires that just don’t feed our inner souls and give us that sense of fulfillment we crave in life. That’s why I started Rock Mama Metals. It’s my desire to encourage that deeper connection to yourself, so you can experience so much more in life.

 I produce limited quantities of each piece I offer to make sure that it is infused with my essential intention.  My aromatherapy jewelry collections are inspired by my own journey, Mother Nature herself, spiritual exploration, symbolism and the textures and shapes in this ever changing world. I combine my passion for design with my knowledge and experience of pure medicinal essential oils to deliver powerful tools that help uplift your spirit, relieve stress, and remind you to take some time to recenter, so you can stay focused on your desires and personal growth.

Ready for high vibration tools that help keep you moving forward? Shop my collection now and choose something that speaks to your journey while these pieces are still available.

Feeling like you need something custom to support your journey? Let's talk! My in depth and intuitive approach to custom designs and experience with medicinal essential oils is just what you need.

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