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Totem Aromatherapy Jewelry

Rock Mama Metals creates truly powerful and unique aromatherapy pieces, individually handmade with love. No factories involved here. Just my hands, heart and you in mind. That’s just one of the Rock Mama Metals’ Differences.  Made of solid bronze and micaceous clay, each design is a Rock Mama Metals’ original, designed for everyday use that will stand the test of time. Shop my collection and find the pieces that speak to you, or contact me about a custom order.

Pure Medicinal Essential Oils

High potency essential oils and aromatherapy are powerful allies in your emotional, physical and spiritual health. I offer WOTE Essential Essences, harvested by generational farmers from all over the world, who care about the plants, the land, use sustainable practices and take the time to produce pure and medicinally safe plant essences that you can trust. That means no additives, no subtractions, no carrier oils.  Just high vibration, high potency, medicinal grade plant essences.