What is the Rock Mama Metals Difference?

Pure, medicinal essential oils and aromatherapy diffuser jewelry are powerful allies in your mental, physical and spiritual health.

I am a certified medicinal aromatherapist, a horticulturist, a passionate designer, artist and an educated advocate, here to help you navigate the amazing world of medicinal aromatherapy and create a truly meaningful aromatherapy piece that will support you in daily life.

Rock Mama Metals’ aromatherapy diffuser jewelry is 100% REAL, handmade jewelry with your intentions and needs in every bit of every piece. No factories involved here. Just my hands, heart and your needs.

I offer WOTE Essential Essences, harvested by generational farmers from all over the world, who care about the plants, the land, use sustainable practices and take the time to produce pure and medicinally safe plant essences. That means no additives, no subtractions, no carrier oils and high vibrating, medicinal grade plant essences.

Metal Clay Classes

Group & One on One Classes

Santa Fe, NM is a great place to express your creativity. And taking one of my metal clay classes is fun while learning something new and different.

You’ve never worked with metal clay before? You don’t have a creative bone in your body, you say? I’ve heard it all before, but I’ve never seen any of my students produce less than amazing works, no matter their preconceived notions regarding their creative abilities.

You DON’T have to have previous experience. You just have to be curious enough and adventuresome enough to sign up for a class with me. I will walk you through and assist you, every step of the way.

I offer a lot of different classes, as well as custom classes.

So, if you are in Santa Fe or planning a trip out this way, take a look at the classes I offer and book the class that looks good to you.

Aromatherapy Diffuser Jewelry Like No Other

  • Rock Mama Metals’ aromatherapy diffuser jewelry is completely handmade and customized for you.
  • My pieces don’t come from a factory and are not reproduced anywhere else.
  • This aromatherapy diffuser jewelry comes from my hands, my heart, and my creative soul. 
  • All designs are 100% by me, with you in mind. 

The pieces you see here are just a handful of the pieces that I have created for my beloved customers.

I can reproduce any one of my pieces, but not one will ever be completely identical, as they are handmade, individually.

See a piece you love? Click on the images to go to my shop and order yours now.

Since 2012, I have been working in and developing Rock Mama Metals. When I started this business, I thought that it was…just about business. It also became a deep exploration into what it means to really care for yourself and an eye opening to the fact…


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This is an important part of working with me on anything. So, don’t be shy. I look forward to hearing from you, answering any questions you may have and helping you in any way that I can.


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